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A band that blows you away...

Designer Magazine

"It's very rare you get a band that blows you away as much by their train of thought as the music. Creel Commission are such a band and these Agents of Awareness are "on a mission to find all the leftfield thinkers and to bring them into the mainstream". ...and here in the Designer Magazine interview Alex McCann finds a band who interest him as much as political heavyweights George Galloway, Tony Benn and The Black Panther Party."

Read the full interview at this link


The Sun

"Listen out for new band Creel Commission. The indie rock five-piece have built up a strong following in London and have come up with a brilliant EP entitled 'Digging In'."

Destined for greatness


Creel Commission 'Nature?s Game' (White Label): "Muscular and mature, but whimsically literate in the traditional English school of songwriting. Reminds me of early Ooberman stuff, if more organic. Some very nifty guitar work on the title track and the demo of ?Remedy? shows that they rock out as well anyone. Good stuff. They live at pay a visit."

And later, having seen the band live, they wrote: "Creel Commission are destined for greatness this year. Check these lads out... otherwise this time next year you could be buying tickets off a tout outside The Shepherds Bush Empire."

This is the real deal

Notting Hill Arts Club

"I was blown away by the quality of the six songs I heard after a demo was handed to me.. this is the real deal." - David McHugh programme manager / owner Nottinghillartsclub.

"Following in the footsteps of the last two bands to play at Beachclub - Do Me Bad things who are now supporting The Darkness on their next tour and Fibes oh Fibes who signed a promotions deal with major label Universal following their october gig - are the Creel Commission. Their demo stood out miles above the rest, as the guys can actually write genuine, propper guitar based songs and perform them in the same enthusiastic way." - nottinghillartsclub website

This is top stuff

The Windmill, Brixton

"These buggers have a neat manifesto; play pianos like gentlemen and play guitars like punks. They drink, they rock. This is top stuff."


Rough Trade

"quite gorgeous.... (sits) somewhere inbetween radiohead, the doors and keane."

A question of style


"They?ve travelled to some wonderful, tranquil place of Englishness where, once you hear them, you'll wonder why there aren't more bands living in this pleasant little bubble. They craft exactly what you'd expect: endearing, slightly mature melodic indie-pop driven by guitars and steered by piano, whilst vocalist and keyboardist Ed dispenses witty, charming and (of course) English lyrics. It?s a formula that?s been winning them a lot of friends over the last year."

Persist... do the right thing

John Taylor Gatto

"... whatever you do play your hearts out instead of studying the market. If you reach the perfect you the market will discover you if you persist, but if you study strategy and tactics what the market will discover is that you sound like every other strategic and tactical operator --- and you won't even have the fun of saying fuck you to the critics... I know you'll do the right thing because you bothered to think of this old gent from Pittsburgh who believes the Brits have done fill-in duty for the Devil this past 500 years and will richly deserve the vest-pocket nuke waiting to be detonated there - somewhere far from Dartmouth Close I hasten to add!"See full letter here.

Splendid bluesy guitar work

Tasty Fanzine

Creel Commission - Nature's Game: "Like an old worn woolly cardie, this is not particularly fashionable, but sort of snug and cosy nonetheless. ?Cigarette? is a quite gorgeous piano driven piece of melodic pop whimsy, while ?Natures Game? blends some splendid bluesy guitar work with an atmospheric stormy soundtrack and some tip top quality production."

Rhythm, truth-telling & humour

John Gray

"... the mix of rhythm, truth-telling and humour is very effective."

Spread awareness

James Lovelock

"I wish you every success, I think the job you are doing of trying to spread awareness is very important."


The Guardian

"Blissful... piano-driven indie melodicists."

The Doors of Perception?

Jac Holzman

?What you guys are doing, in some senses, it reminds me of the Doors. Apart from in Jim?s case of course, he?d have been more content to sit back and let things fall apart around him!?


Time Out

"Melodic, Keane-style Popsters."